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With versatile and high-quality products, Master Distributors is the leading supplier of POS systems. Master Distributors have an extensive range of dependable cash drawers that can efficiently manage your sales. We’ve built a reputation for ourselves as the supplier of choice in delivering automatic and manual cash drawer solutions for thousands of customers across Canada.

Cash Drawers for Unique Environments

Master Distributors have cash drawers to keep up with all your sales and technological needs. We have a broad range of cash drawers from leading manufacturers for diverse business environments. Find the following kinds of cash drawers at Master Distributors:

  • Manual Cash Drawers

A key operates manual cash drawers. Manual drawers are a great option for micro-stores who want a low-cost solution. The drawer can be operated via a lock and key.

  • Automatic Cash Drawers

Also known as printer cash drawers, automatic Cash drawers can be accessed when a receipt printer prints a bill. Upon printing the receipt, you can signal the system that a cash transaction has been made, which then causes the drawer to open automatically.

  • USB Cash Drawers

USB Cash drawers are connected to a POS terminal and can be operated by the latter. Before buying a USB Cash drawer, you must ensure that the POS application vendor supports your cash drawer.

  • Serial Cash Drawers

Serial Cash drawers are connected to a standard POS terminal with a 9-pin serial connection. Powered by a PC, the cash drawer operates when a transaction is made.

Buy Reliable Cash Drawers from Master Distributors

For retail businesses who need the best cash drawers for their business needs, our cash drawers are the best choice. We have an extensive range of superior products with the dependability of top brands like Star Micronics, APG, Casio, Sharp, etc. With our range of POS solutions, you can grow your business while serving your current customers with total satisfaction.

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