Why should you study mbbs in abroad?

You must study mbbs in Ukraine as Ukraine is a beautiful country which is geographically located in the east part of Europe continent. It is to be noted that Ukraine is amongst very reasonable and affordable country when it comes to cost of living and other expenses if compared to other European countries. It is remarkable to note that there are not just many tourists visiting Ukraine because of its cost effective but also many international students visit Ukraine for studying MBBS in Ukraine. The medical colleges in Ukraine are recognised world wide, therefore it becomes amongst top most options for international students to study MBBS. The main reasons for international students to prefer Ukraine to study are as under:

1. The entire education system is conducted in English language, which is amongst the top most spoken language in the world, therefore the language of studies makes it very easy and convenient for international since there are no language barriers.

2. The medical colleges in Ukraine are recognised by WHO, UNESCO, and the European Council. 

3. It is not compulsory for the students to pass IELTS and TOEFL to get admission in the medical college at Ukraine.

4. The medical colleges and institutes universities are equipped with modern technologies and infrastructure.

5. The fees for Dhaka National Medical College and cost of living in Ukraine is extremely low.

MBBS in Russia 

Studying mbbs in abroad is increasing recently because of high quality education with modern infrastructure against very low cost as compared to other countries. 

It is very remarkable that the Russian medical colleges and institutes are having excellent infrastructure and other faculties, which intern offers high-level of medical education to all its students. 

It is also remarkable that the Russian medical colleges provide education for its international students in English language for international students at a very reasonable fees.

It is also important to note that the Russian medical colleges are recognized by WHO and NMC India. The benefit for Indian students is that MBBS degree from Russia is also valid in India. 

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