Why MBBS in Abroad is becoming popular among Indian Students?

No doubt, the UK has always been the first preference for MBBS aspirants. However, for a few decades, it looks like Georgia has also become one of the prominent destinations for students pursuing MBBS.

Technically Georgia is an Asian country but Europe has more of its influence over it in terms of culture, traditions, etc. Georgia is adjacent to the Black Sea on the west and surrounded by the countries like Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan on the remaining sides. It has a great history which can be observed throughout the country and especially in the capital city – Tbilisi. Due to its flaunting history and architecture more often it gives a feel of being in Paris. Not only this but there many more reasons which are attracting students who are looking to do MBBS abroad.

Let’s see some of the reasons why students are opting for MBBS in Georgia?

1 Pleasant Weather and Environment – Due to its good climate throughout the year it becomes very easy for Indians to stay and survive in Georgia. Also, infrastructure and facilities like water, power supply, people, and hospitality in the country has always been a green flag to the aspirants.


2 Low Cost of Living – As compared to other neighbouring countries like the UK and Russia the cost of living is low in Georgia. It becomes very affordable for the students as they can easily get food, transport, stays, and medical facilities at a much lower cost.


3 Good Quality of Education – Besides being low on cost of living Georgia heads in Good Quality of education also. The number of rising opportunities for students who have done MBBS in Georgia clearly shows the impact of its quality education.


4 Affordable Education – Of course, this could be one of the biggest reasons why youngsters are choosing Georgia as a learning center for MBBS. With the growing inflation rates, the cost of education is also getting impacted day by day leading to the dropout of more Indian students in past years. With its comparatively low cost for leanings, Georgia has come out as a solution for cheap but quality education.


5 Number of Varied Universities – Major universities of Georgia are affiliated with the Medical Council of India (MCI) namely, Ivane Javakhishvi Tbilisi State University, University of Georgia, David Tvildiani Medical University, New Vision University, Batumi ShotaRustaveli State University, AkakiTsereteli University, Tbilisi State Medical University and so on. This provides a wide option for the students to choose the university they want.


Nowadays, learning in foreign countries has become very popular in India and every other student in the country aspires to do MBBS in Abroad but the factors like expensive cost of living, education, and unfavourable weather conditions often become a hurdle for the new students. Looking at all the above-mentioned adjectives it feels like Georgia has become a blessing for all the aspirants who are planning to do the MBBS in Georgia.

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