Top Benefits of Stretch Film

One of the most common unitizing and pallet wrapping techniques available today is stretch wrapping. It is a flexible plastic film that can guard against products getting harmed during shipping as a result of careless handling, quick movements, or external influences. Some of the key advantages of stretch wrap are listed below.

  1. Stretch wrapping’s superior protective capabilities
  • Stretch-wrapped loads are safer, which reduces shipment damage.
  • UVI stretch films can shield objects from UV rays when they are kept outside.
  • Strong, opaque films hide the contents of the load and lessen theft.
  • Products are kept free of dirt, moisture, and dust thanks to stretch films.
  1. The Economical Advantages of Stretch Wrapping
  • In comparison to alternatives like strapping, corrugated boxes, or heat shrink film, stretch wrap film is more affordable.
  • Generally speaking, stretch wrap equipment is less expensive than comparable alternatives like shrink wrap and strapping equipment.
  • Compared to other unitizing techniques like shrink wrap systems, stretch wrappers require less energy to operate.
  1. The Benefits of Stretch Wrapping
  • increased effectiveness of the packing process
  • enhanced inventory management
  • increases employee output
  • scanned-through lenses
  • Pallet load types’ versatility
  1. Stretch film can be recycled
  • Stretchable film can be recycled.3
  1. There are numerous standard sizes and types of stretch wrap films.
  • Clear stretch wrap, opaque white stretch film, opaque black stretch film, and tinted stretch wrap films are some examples of colored stretch films.
  • Examples of specialty stretch films include anti-static stretch wrap, uvi stretch wrap, vci stretch wrap, heavy gauge films, roll wrap films, bundling film, banding film, wide web pallet wrap, vented stretch wrap, and stretch wrap netting.

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