Top Benefits Of Best Delivery Management Software

Whether you are a small business owner or a large company, delivery management software can help you improve your distribution and logistics operations. These tools can boost productivity, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction.

Delivering orders on time is a major priority for both customers and businesses. It helps to keep them satisfied and ensures a high level of retention rate.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking is an invaluable benefit for businesses that need to provide a fast and accurate delivery experience. This feature allows customers to see the exact location of their parcel at all times and gives drivers the ability to communicate with them if necessary.

It also ensures that delivery managers can react quickly to any problems that may arise during a delivery and adjust plans for future deliveries accordingly. This can help businesses save time and money and improve overall operational efficiency.

This is particularly useful for last mile delivery operations where costs can be significantly higher than for regular deliveries. If a delivery is delayed or needs to be rescheduled, the costs associated with these interruptions can add up very quickly.

Intelligent Order Allocation

Optimal order allocation across multiple channels and fulfillment locations can be a daunting challenge. The best solution must be able to predict customer demand and optimize order priority based on supply chain constraints and capacity, inventory status and more.

To achieve the perfect order, your system needs to have the capabilities to gather and analyze data, generate key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide insight into the entire process. This enables you to spot and resolve bottlenecks so you can deliver the best experience possible to customers.

GLOVIA(r) OM offers an intelligent allocation engine that can determine the best fulfillment location for every order, based on dynamic supply chain attributes such as available inventory positioning and capacity. The system can also prioritize orders based on customer preference, carrier sequence and future orders.

Automated Route Optimization

One of the top benefits of Best Delivery Management Software is its ability to automate route optimization. This software takes into account a variety of factors, including traffic congestion, driver scheduling, vehicle capacity, weather conditions, and customer preferred time slots to find the most cost-effective routes.

A robust route optimization solution can help logistics managers to cut down costs, improve operational efficiency and reduce driver churn. This is especially helpful for field service companies that need to meet tight deadlines and customer demand.

With automated route optimization, fleet managers can optimize the delivery routes of their drivers in a matter of seconds and keep them on task. This will save them time, money and fuel. In addition, it can increase their productivity and help them to complete more deliveries in a day.

Driver Application

One of the top benefits of best delivery management software is its driver application feature. This allows businesses to automate most of the driver application process and make it quicker for new drivers to find employment.

Moreover, it also lets you track truck drivers and their applications in real-time. This helps businesses save time and ensure that they’re only contacting qualified applicants.

Choosing the right delivery management software is essential to optimizing the delivery route and driving business growth. It should prioritize a simple and user-friendly dashboard that makes the entire process easier.

End-to-End Visibility

One of the top benefits of best delivery management software is end-to-end visibility. This gives you an unmatched understanding of your entire supply chain and enables you to respond faster to any unexpected disruptions.

This is especially important as your supply chain is becoming longer and more complex, with many points across different locations.

The end-to-end visibility that comes with a good delivery management software allows you to track your entire delivery process in real time, from the warehouse all the way to the customer. This helps you avoid missed deliveries and ensures your customers receive their order on time every time!

It also gives you an overview of your driver’s performance. Having this data in real time means that you can easily make adjustments to your routes and schedules to improve the overall customer experience.

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