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Universal Containers (UC) has noticed that unit tests are failing in production during deployments and in no other environments. Investigations have revealed that administrators are making minor changes in production without regard to dependent components What two suggestions can the architect make to help UC discover these failing unit tests earlier?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Train the administrators to make their changes in a special “admin changes” sandbox, and then promote to production.
  • B. Stop administrators from making all changes.
  • C. Ensure a metadata backup is committed to version control every day and a diff published to the release team.
  • D. Ask administrators to run unit tests before every change.

Answer: A,C


Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a governance framework and has asked the Architect to make recommendations regarding release planning. Which two decisions should the Architect make when planning for releases? Choose 2 answers

  • A. When to test a new UC feature release if there are issues.
  • B. How to roll back to the previous Salesforce release if there are issues.
  • C. Whether Salesforce will wait to upgrade the pod until after a UC release is complete.
  • D. How to test existing functionality to ensure no regressions are introduced.

Answer: B


Universal Containers has multiple project teams integrating Salesforce to various systems Integration Architects are complaining about the various integration patterns used by the teams and lack a common understanding of the integration landscape. What should architect recommended to address the challenges?

  • A. Implement a data governance policy and publish the documentation to all teams.
  • B. Recommend an outbound message design pattern to be used for all teams.
  • C. Create design standards focused on integration and provide training to all teams
  • D. Recommend a fire-and-forget design pattern to be used for all teams.

Answer: C


Universal Containers (UC) is a large enterprise with a complex system landscape. UC is currently rolling out new infrastructure and strategies around Salesforce DevOps. Some of the key feature’s UC is looking to support is rollback of metadata after a deployment, and the backup and restore of data to help recover from deployment issues, system bugs, or outages in their downstream systems.
Regulations in the industry mean that UC must be able to provide strategies to recover and rollback from issues. The regulator has discovered UC is not currently providing these, and must do so as soon as possible to remain compliant.
What should an architect advise?

  • A. Custom build a feature rollback and data restore tool for Salesforce
  • B. Advise stakeholders that rollback is not possible for Salesforce.
  • C. Salesforce backs up all data and will restore it for customers on request.
  • D. Evaluate third-party and AppExchange products.

Answer: D


Universal Containers has seven orgs in different regions. Its processes are global and standardized but each region needs the flexibility to be able to understand the global code and customize some aspects for its regions.
Which development model is optimized for this need?

  • A. Use a managed package to deploy the global code and allow local teams to request the addition of code within that package.
  • B. Create a centralized Git with all the code and where the global team approves the changes made by the local teams.
  • C. Use unlocked packages to deploy the global code and allow each country to create its customized unlocked package extensions,
  • D. Use a managed package for global code and another managed package for ail regions code.

Answer: C



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