Pipedrive Review

Pipedrive is a sales CRM tool that works on the cloud and is available on both mobile and web devices. The company has more than 1,000 employees in eight offices across Europe and two in the US. It has an open source development model, which makes it easy to customize and scale for your business needs. This sales CRM tool is a good choice for any business that needs to track and manage customer relationships.

Manages pipeline

If you need a CRM to track your pipeline and sales leads, Pipedrive is an excellent choice. This CRM allows you to build, track, and analyze your sales pipeline. Pipedrive also offers customizable fields, export and import capabilities, and the ability to merge duplicate data. It can also generate revenue forecasts and projections. It is available in a variety of plans, including one with unlimited user permissions. It has extensive customer support and supports up to 19 languages.

Pipedrive crm gives you full oversight of your pipeline, ensuring that your prospects remain happy and confident. It blends complex data with vital data to help you achieve your long-term sales and revenue goals. It gives you the insight you need to close more deals and boost your bottom line. It helps you understand the entire customer lifecycle, from initial contact to customer lifetime value, and helps you sell more.

Pipedrive has an intuitive user interface and helps you track your sales pipeline with ease. The dashboard shows you all your deals, and you can filter by stage or user. Pipedrive even offers a rotating feature, which allows you to see which deals are at the stage you want them to be. You can also set up a custom filter to see which deals are in the next step.

Another benefit of Pipedrive is its ability to integrate with other tools. Its ability to integrate with email helps you keep track of your communication with customers and partners. This makes it easier to make decisions and get feedback from team members. Pipedrive is flexible and does not require IT specialists to implement. It is user-friendly, allowing everyone to benefit from it.

Pipedrive also includes a native project management feature. It allows users to create projects directly within Pipedrive and link them to open deals, people, and organizations. You can even mark a deal as “won” and start a project from the deal’s won status. This feature helps you keep track of your sales opportunities from the beginning.

With an activity-based approach, Pipedrive helps salespeople focus their time on CRM activities rather than routine tasks. The application allows users to update information fields in one go, making it easy to keep track of their sales results and close deals. The system also provides integration options with other software, making it easy to bring in contact information from outside the Pipedrive platform.

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