Luxury Villa Place BLACKPINK Rose in south korea

Rose was recently spotted on a staycation at a luxury villa in South Korea, Paradise City. He shares his holiday activities on social media.

Through her Instagram account @roses_are_rosie, BLACKPINK’s Rosé released a series of beautiful photos of herself during a staycation in Paradise City.
While sharing portraits at various points in the inn, Rose appears to be tagging the photos on her Instagram with the hotel’s Instagram account, in which the room may be sponsored or given to her.
For information, the Paradise City where Rose is staying is a building in the form of villas and hotels that are designed for those of the upper class with money.

According to the hotel’s official Instagram account, the place located in Incheon City has a super luxurious private swimming pool with pampering access, where the living room door opens directly onto the balcony where you have your own hot tub and swimming pool.
The suite level room also offers a beautiful fake fireplace, which Rosé took a photo of in front of the fireplace.
It is known that to be able to stay in the same room as the one inhabited by Rose, visitors must pay up to 22,000,000 KRW ($18,700 USD, or equivalent to Rp256 million) after tax. No wonder the room is often empty because the price is expensive.

Therefore, this villa was widely used by either the owner of Paradise City, or the people he invited as guests.
A number of top celebrities also sometimes use it for photo shoots or commercial filming as well, and the management also makes it available to be sponsored by certain influencers or celebrities.

Besides Rose, the celebrity couple Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin once used the room as a place for an after party, after their wedding ceremony at the hotel’s grand ballroom.

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