Knowing These Mind-Blowing Tips Will Save You from Missing the Connection Flights


These connecting flights are no longer a potential danger to travel. They’re becoming more common in commercial air travel. Many airlines use hub-and-spoke routes to ensure efficiency. Travelers willing to fly to stopover airports to reach their destination will have more choices and a greater chance to save money.

Although the odds of missing a connection have dropped significantly, they still can happen.

It doesn’t matter if you are flying across the country to attend an important business meeting or around the globe on vacation; missing a connecting flight can save your day. Learning what you can do to reduce the likelihood of this happening is crucial.

Here are some mind-blowing tips that will save you from missing the connection flights and a lot of time, money, and energy, especially if you are traveling to Europe from the USA.


Book Flights with Long Layovers

Refrain from assuming that connecting flights will be able to travel in the time allowed by a website. When I offer connecting flights to clients that take between 45 minutes and 2 hours, I am often asked, “Is that enough?” The answer is “Usually, but …”.”

It is essential to understand that airlines do not schedule connections they cannot meet. This is because it is difficult for passengers and luggage to make these connections.

However, the “minimum connection time” does not allow for snacks or meals between flights. This is especially true for families with children or travelers who may not be able to move as quickly or experience any delays.


Book the Tickets on the Same Airlines

Book your entire itinerary with one airline to avoid missing connecting flights. Not only will you be able to avoid having to switch terminals in a rush, but you’ll also have the help of the flight attendants on the first flight to find information about connecting gates and alert the next flight if you need to.

Sometimes booking connection flights on two airlines might be cheaper, but you also consider that you will need to pick up your luggage and check in again, which takes time. Besides, if your first flight is late for some reason, you won’t be able to change the second flight ticket free of charge, as it’s not their responsibility.


Avoid Booking the Last Connection Flight of the Day

The world’s oldest travel tip is to avoid booking the last flight out of your connecting airport.

These are the obvious reasons: either all the delays will affect you throughout the day, or you will have to book an overnight flight at the connecting hub to arrive on time.


Be Early for Customs and Passport Checks

Standing in line with your passport, tickets, insurance, and ETIAS visa waiver can be tiring and time-consuming. While some flyers believe they need to go through customs only when they leave the airport, there are airports where you will be required to pass through customs during your layover, even without leaving the airport. It can take up to an hour for some airports and even longer if you have an emergency. Missing international connections can prove to be both costly and time-consuming. It is best to allow 4 hours between connecting flights that are international.


Book the Tickets on the Front Row

Every second counts when you are trying to connect with someone else. Book seats at the front of your plane for your first flight. This is a simple and effective way to save precious seconds. Everyone has experienced the frustration of having to wait on a packed plane. It doesn’t matter how efficient everyone might be (and many aren’t); sometimes, getting off a packed plane takes a while if you sit in the back. You won’t have to wait for slow people who don’t have the time or energy to move so you can get on your next flight.



It can be very costly to miss your flight. A missed flight can cost you hundreds of dollars in rebooking fees, meal costs, and hotel expenses. While everyone is familiar with the rule to be on time at the airport, many travelers need to realize that there are other ways to reduce the chances of missing their flight. In this article, we provided five helpful tips to encounter connecting flights and make them as smooth as possible. These mind-blowing tips will save you from missing the connection flights and help you to avoid the most common pitfalls.

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