How to Install Vinyl Stickers on a Window

After having you sticker designed, next step is to install it on your window. Vinyl stickers are widely used by many companies as they have more vibrant color and photo display and their cost effectiveness makes vinyl custom stickers as the best option Custom logo shirts men the company can have. There are few steps which you have to follow while installing you vinyl sticker on your shop’s window. Vinyl stickers might contain your own logo or the logo of your strategic alliances; it all looks good if it is applied in a way which makes it look good.

Vinyl stickers because of the variety in sizes and designs available have become the first choice for the companies to be displayed on their window. Here her few steps that you need to follow in order to install a vinyl banner.

Remove Old Sticker:

In order to install a new vinyl sticker to your window, first you have to remove the previous stickers if any. One must remove those stickers in a way where it must not cause any damage to your window. Then remove the weights and cords attached to your vinyl sticker.

The second step is to clean the window by using any cleansing agent. Then apply any adhesive remover on the window.

There are many adhesive removers available in the market serving the same purpose. In order to give complete and clear look to your vinyl banner, just make sure that there is no dust particles attached with the window and clean thoroughly. Then apply adhesive remover, in order to remove adhesive particles attached with the window.

Install new Vinyl Sticker

In order to install new sticker, first cut the sticker in your required size and take the required measurement with reference to the walls and other stickers (if placed). By using any tool or measurement scale just make sure that your vinyl sticker is completely aligned to the walls and other parameters of your window. You can mark that place by sticking tape to that place where you want your vinyl sticker to be placed.

Then place your sticker on the tape and paste half of your sticker with it. Apply adhesive liquid on the window and paste sticker over it. Use wood chisel to remove extra liquid and then paste vinyl sticker by pressing wood chisel on it. You vinyl sticker is installed; now clean it with a clean cloth and remove the water adhesive remover.


Take measurements correctly, or your vinyl sticker may get unaligned. Measure three spots for both width and height. First measure the top, middle and bottom for width, then measure right side and the left side.

Secondly, make sure that there is no dust particles left while cleaning. Apply the adhesive remover in to clean the window surface.


Use safety goggles, in order to save yourself from any damage which might be caused because of adhesive remover.


In order to install vinyl custom stickers, you require a tape, an adhesive remover and a wood chisel.

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