How Do I Find the Samsung Printer WPS Pin

You may print from a distance using the wireless connection of Samsung printers. Samsung printers may be used by users by being tethered to a wireless network connection. The WPS PIN is included on these printers, allowing a direct connection from the device. The user has to locate the Where Is Wps Pin On Samsung Printer before using it to establish a connection. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN can be found on the back of the device or in the network configuration report. On a few Samsung printer models, a WPS button is also present for easy access and communication.

Solutions Where Is the WPS Pin on the Samsung Printer?

How to use a Wps Pin Samsung Printer to connect your device: If your device has a WPS button or if your router asks for it, you should follow these steps.

Step 1: Find the WPS button on the router and push it. You may also create the Wi-Fi Protected button by going to the router’s settings page, selecting WPS on the first thing you see, and then clicking the button.

Step 2: To access the router configuration page, open a web browser and type “” into the search bar. The necessary configuration page will then show up.

Step 3: The username and password fields are on the website. Simply enter “admin” in the login and password fields. Select OK.

Step 5: After two minutes, press the WPS button on your smartphone once again.

Step 6: After that, WPS will link you to your router.

How To Connect Your Samsung Printer Using WPS Pin

To find the WPS pin for your Samsung printer, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Access the control panel of the Samsung printer.

Step 2: Go to settings and look for the wifi button. Hit that.

Step 3: Open the Wi-Fi-protected setup. Then, a page with instructions will appear. To configure your wireless network, adhere to the procedures listed below.

Step 4: Select “Pin,” and the WPS Pin will appear on your device.

Step 5: Now is the time to launch the software or programme for setting your wireless router.

Step 6: Enter the WPS Pin that was given to you  after that.

Step 7: Finish installing the network printer driver. Go to Printer Setup and Software on each of your Samsung printers and choose Connect a New Printer.

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