Gas Consumption Of 4 Ton Gas Steam Boiler

Gas consumption of a 4-ton gas steam boiler, whose fuel consumption is one of the concerns of many customers. Then, how much is the fuel consumption of an ordinary natural gas steam boiler? How to calculate the gas consumption in a steam boiler? What is the gas consumption of a 4-ton gas steam boiler? And is directly related to the input cost. I will tell you about it in this paper.

The gas consumption of gas-fired steam boilers is closely related to the stoker’s stoker experience. Not only the gas consumption but also the safe operation of the boiler is very important. Therefore, the relevant state departments stipulate that the stoker must have a stoker certificate. Which is a manifestation of being responsible to the user unit, the stoker, and the society.

In simple terms, the determining factor of the gas consumption of the boiler is the heating area of ​​the boiler. The calorific value of the fuel, the purity of the fuel, the heating area of ​​the boiler convection, the radiation heating area of ​​the boiler, and the stoker skill of the stoker.

How to calculate gas steam boiler gas consumption?

steam boiler gas consumption calculator

The fuel consumption of natural gas steam boilers is one of the concerns of many customers. Then, how much is the fuel consumption of an ordinary natural gas steam boiler? We can calculate gas consumption in accordance with the following parameters: The heating value of natural gas is 35.53MJ / m³, which is calculated by the standard calorific value 0.845m³ / m³.

The best-rated 4-ton steam boiler manufactured by Fangkuai is a high-efficiency industrial steam boiler adopting double buttons quick-loading structure that can reduce overall dimensions and weight as well as simplify installation work. Compared with the traditional single-button quick-loading structure, its overall dimensions decreased by 10% and its weight decreased by 15%. The specially designed combustion chamber has double buttons for quick loading, which improves the thermal efficiency of the furnace and increases the power output.

In general, the fuel consumption of a 4-ton gas steam boiler is about 101 cubic meters. When it comes to the application industry of 4-ton steam boilers, many customers pay more attention to their own operating costs. According to the above introduction. Users can calculate the fuel consumption of the boiler according to the specific parameters of the gas-fired steam boiler. So as to understand the operating cost of the boiler. If you need to know more about the gas consumption of a 4-ton gas steam boiler, please contact us in time: +0086 186-2391-5479.

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