Benefits of using PET strap for packaging

PET strapping is far more reliable than steel straps and is also a safer option. Due to its superior tensile strength, PET straps maintain tension longer than steel ones. PET straps can therefore be adjusted as the cargo shrinks or expands as a result of pressure changes or alterations in the weather. Additionally, the elastic effect of the cargo causes it to continue to shrink.

It is UV (ultraviolet) resistant, weatherproof, and environmentally friendly. PET strapping maintains its tensile strength and elastic effect even in intense heat from the sun or variations in weather. Because PET straps may be recycled after being removed from the cargo by employees, they are environmentally benign.

PET Strap is extremely safe to handle, simple to use, and very affordable. PET straps are significantly more cost-effective than steel straps since they are lighter and have a superior strength to weight ratio. Because of the PET’s smooth edges, it is safe to tension or cut PET strapping without endangering anyone’s safety or the tyres of forklifts.

Greater flexibility and enhanced cargo/product protection. PET strapping is more flexible than steel strapping, which is useful for securing heavy loads over extended distances, especially when travelling by road.

PET strapping does not harm goods, materials, or cargo since it lacks steel straps’ sharp edges and occasionally rusty surfaces, which can discolor goods when moisture is present, such after a rainstorm. PET strapping is therefore ideal for securing bales of fabric, fiber, cotton, and other similar materials.

PET strapping can be utilised for medium to heavy cargo strapping applications, unlike most ropes and other straps, which can only be used for light transit or storage. Additionally, while steel straps can secure large and heavy cargo, they lack the elastic properties and tensile strength of PET strap. Steel straps cannot adjust as a result of changes in weather or the expansion or contraction of the weight.

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