Benefits of Recycled PP Strap

The technique of strapping, sometimes referred to as banding or bundling, involves applying a strap to a product to hold or strengthen it. The strapping technique that is most frequently used in the packaging sector. PP strap is mostly used for palletizing, dipping, etc. The most popular and widely used method is polypropylene strapping, which has a variety of features including tensile strength, flexibility, and tension loss in numerous applications without failing. Yellow, white, black, and blue are the four boring, traditional hues that PP strap is always found in. It is an incredibly cost-effective method of strapping for shipment or any other purpose.

Most of the garbage in landfills is made up of PP due to its short lifespan. Therefore, there are a number of steps involved in the recycling of PP straps, including collection, sorting and analysis, cleaning, reforming by heating, and creating a brand-new product from recycled PP strap. The most crucial phase in the recycling of PP is understood to be melting and producing new goods.

There are many uses for Polypropylene, including paint cans, pallets, battery cases, household accessories, etc., due to the fact that it produces less solid waste than other plastics like PET, PS, and PVC.


  • Because just 88% less energy was used while making plastic by itself, it is environmentally benign. Reusing pp straps is therefore advantageous.
  • Its elasticity enables it to be recycled into different goods, including as garment fibres, home decor, and industrial fibres.
  • PP strapping is simpler for the employees than steel strapping, which needed safety goggles and gloves.
  • Both novice and expert users find polypropylene strap to be simple to use.
  • It can be printed to the specifications of the customer.
  • Due to its cost-effective design, it is frequently utilized in the electrical, apparel, fishing, and pharmaceutical industries.

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