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A company is hosting a web application on AWS using a single Amazon EC2 instance that stores user- uploaded documents in an Amazon EBS volume. For better scalability and availability, the company duplicated the architecture and created a second EC2 instance and EBS volume in another Availability Zone, placing both behind an Application Load Balancer. After completing this change, users reported that each time they refreshed the website, they could see one subset of their documents or the other, but never all of the documents at the same time.
What should a solutions architect propose to ensure users see all of their documents at once?

  • A. Configure the Application Load Balancer to direct a user to the server with the documents.
  • B. Copy the data from both EBS volumes to Amazon EFS. Modify the application to save new documents to Amazon EFS.
  • C. Copy the data so both EBS volumes contain all the documents.
  • D. Configure the Application Load Balancer to send the request to both servers. Return each document from the correct server.

Answer: B

Amazon EFS provides file storage in the AWS Cloud. With Amazon EFS, you can create a file system, mount the file system on an Amazon EC2 instance, and then read and write data to and from your file system. You can mount an Amazon EFS file system in your VPC, through the Network File System versions 4.0 and 4.1 (NFSv4) protocol. We recommend using a current generation Linux NFSv4.1 client, such as those found in the latest Amazon Linux, Redhat, and Ubuntu AMIs, in conjunction with the Amazon EFS Mount Helper. For instructions, see Using the amazon-efs-utils Tools.
For a list of Amazon EC2 Linux Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that support this protocol, see NFS Support.
For some AMIs, you’ll need to install an NFS client to mount your file system on your Amazon EC2 instance.
For instructions, see Installing the NFS Client.
You can access your Amazon EFS file system concurrently from multiple NFS clients, so applications that scale beyond a single connection can access a file system. Amazon EC2 instances running in multiple Availability Zones within the same AWS Region can access the file system, so that many users can access and share a common data source.
How Amazon EFS Works with Amazon EC2



A company’s policy requires that all data stored in Amazon S3 is encrypted. The company wants to use the option with the least overhead and does not manage any encryption keys.
Which of the following options will meet the company’s requirements?

  • A. AWS Trusted Advisor
  • B. AWS CloudHSM
  • C. Server Side Encryption (SSE-KMS)
  • D. Server Side Encryption (SSE-S3)

Answer: D


You’ve been hired to enhance the overall security posture for a very large e-commerce site They have a well architected multi-tier application running in a VPC that uses ELBs in front of both the web and the app tier with static assets served directly from 53 They are using a combination of RDS and DynamoOB for their dynamic data and then archiving nightly into 53 for further processing with EMR They are concerned because they found questionable log entries and suspect someone is attempting to gain unauthorized access.
Which approach provides a cost effective scalable mitigation to this kind of attack?

  • A. Add a WAF tier by creating a new ELB and an AutoScaling group of EC2 Instances running a host based WAF They would redirect Route 53 to resolve to the new WAF tier ELB The WAF tier would thier pass the traffic to the current web tier The web tier Security Groups would be updated to only allow traffic from the WAF tier Security Group
  • B. Remove all but TLS 1 2 from the web tier ELB and enable Advanced Protocol Filtering This will enable the ELB itself to perform WAF functionality.
  • C. Recommend that they lease space at a DirectConnect partner location and establish a lG DirectConnect connection to their vPC they would then establish Internet connectivity into their space, filter the traffic in hardware Web Application Firewall (WAF). And then pass the traffic through the DirectConnect connection into their application running in their VPC,
  • D. Add previously identified hostile source IPs as an explicit INBOUND DENY NACL to the web tier sub net.

Answer: A


An organization has 4 people in the IT operations team who are responsible to manage the AWS infrastructure. The organization wants to setup that each user will have access to launch and manage an instance in a zone which the other user cannot modify.
Which of the below mentioned options is the best solution to set this up?

  • A. Create a VPC with four subnets and allow access to each subnet for the individual IAM user.
  • B. Create four AWS accounts and give each user access to a separate account.
  • C. Create an IAM user and allow them permission to launch an instance of a different sizes only.
  • D. Create four IAM users and four VPCs and allow each IAM user to have access to separate VPCs.

Answer: A

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to the user’s AWS account. The user can create subnets as per the requirement within a VPC. The VPC also work with IAM and the organization can create IAM users who have access to various VPC services. The organization can setup access for the IAM user who can modify the security groups of the VPC. The sample policy is given below:
“Version”: “2012-10-17”,
[{ “Effect”: “Allow”,
“Action”: “ec2:RunInstances”, “Resource”:
[“arn:aws:ec2:region::image/ami-*”, “arn:aws:ec2:region:account:subnet/subnet-1a2b3c4d”,
“arn:aws:ec2:region:account:network-interface/*”, “arn:aws:ec2:region:account:volume/*”,
“arn:aws:ec2:region:account:key-pair/*”, “arn:aws:ec2:region:account:security-group/sg-123abc123” ] }]
With this policy the user can create four subnets in separate zones and provide IAM user access to each subnet.



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