Air Ventilator Manufacturers

We at “Gupta Iron & Steel” are recognized as the industry leader in the Air Ventilator Manufacturers, turbo roof ventilators, turbo air ventilators, polycarbonate sheets, and other goods used in ventilation equipment. Due to the great quality of the products we provide, our business has become well-known in the industry. These goods were created and designed by our highly skilled industry professionals under strict adherence to global quality standards. These goods are produced to the highest possible standards using premium raw materials from reliable market suppliers and cutting-edge technology.

At Gupta Iron & Steel Co., Our Air Ventilator Manufacturers design air ventilators in a way that they can throw out hot air from the room and let fresh air enter through windows and door openings. Since the warm air is less dense so it rises up and moves out through ventilators. And cold fresh air keeps coming into the room. Our Aluminum Built products thereby maintain constant air circulation without electricity to keep inside of your room cooler and discharge foul smells.

Key Specifications Of Air Ventilator

Bring these ventilator and breathing devices that are suitable for warehouses, factories, manufacturing companies, power plants, or industrial plants to circulate the air inside the building. Some of the major components of these ventilators are Turbine Doom Thickness (1 mm), Turbine Outer Dia (680 mm), Turbine Doom Dia (380 mm), Turbine Rotor Dia ( 655 mm ), Turbine Throat Dia (610 mm), Turbine Height (360 mm), Turbine Weight (3.750 Kgs), Blades (0.25 mm, 0.32 mm). We have a large team of Air Ventilator Manufacturers in India.

  • A.) 0.5 mm thickness, 38 Numbers of Vanes
  • B.) 0.4 mm, 0.426 mm base plate
  • C.) Self-Lubricated – 2 Nos bearing
  • D.) 0.37 mm, 0.41 mm Cap, middle base
  • E.) Stainless Steel Center Shaft
  • F.) Aluminum Pneumatic Rivets


Ranking among top Air Ventilator Manufacturers, these systems are made using high-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and other allied materials. Each and every material is thoroughly checked at different parameters by our quality inspection team. After their approval, raw materials are used. In addition, the quality analysis team also keeps a close eye on the manufacturing process and technology used to ensure fast production of defect free turbo ventilator.


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